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The steroid Drostanolone androgenic and anabolic action is produced in the form of propionate (dipropianate) and enanthate – esters, which determine the characteristic features of the drug. It is known to a wide mass of consumers under the trade name Masteron. Both esters affect the body invariably, but are absorbed into the blood at different rates. The duration of the enanthate is about 15 days, and the effect of propionate occurs already on the second or fourth day after the injection.

Drostanolone has a moderate anabolic, but high androgenic effect, is an aromatase inhibitor with no effect of converting testosterone to estrogens. Steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, has a similar effect, has the chemical formula 2-alpha dihydrotesterone propionate. Both enanthate and drostanolone were initially used exclusively as a treatment for breast cancer, but were discontinued due to the high risk of virilization. Used for sporting purposes, it is usually produced in ampoules with a volume of 50 and 100 mg / ml.

Masteron by Noble Labs
Masteron by Noble Labs

How does Drostanolone acts?

The effect of the steroid drug is manifested:

  • Moderate diuretic effect;
  • Suppression of catabolic processes;
  • Increased strength;
  • Pronounced fat burning effect, scientifically proven, when in the cycle of research “experimental” lost up to 5-7 percent of the fat mass after passing the cycle;
  • Preservation of muscle volume, recruited when taking a steroid, gaining muscle shape, hardness and density.

Athletes often take the drug during cutting, as well as in preparation for the competition.

Masteron dosage

To achieve the maximum effect from the use of enanthate and propionate, bodybuilders take from 400 to 500 milligrams of steroid per week. Increasing the masteron dosage does not lead to a noticeable increase in physiological parameters, but may cause a rapid and rapid development of adverse adverse events.

A solo cycle involves the introduction of propionate three times a week or every other day, and enanthate – only once every seven days. Apply a steroid should begin after visiting a sports doctor, passing the diagnosis of the whole body. During the entire cycle it is necessary to pass the appropriate tests, making adjustments to the program.

Masteron Propionate 100 mg/ ml
Masteron Propionate 100 mg/ ml

Combined Cycles with Masteron

The negative moments of the solo use of the drug are easily eliminated by the joint intake of steroid with other similar drugs. By its action, Masteron is most similar to androgen receptors.

With him, most often used either Winstrol or Oxandrolone (Anavar). The first shows maximum efficiency, since its interaction with androgen receptors is minimal. It reduces the concentration of globulin, a sex hormone binder, that is, shows a synergistic effect.

To gain muscle mass, Masteron is combined with testosterone propionate. At such a combined cycle, it is recommended to use gonadotropin. This allows you to compensate for the level of endogenous testosterone. The best compatibility Drostanolone is manifested in bundles with drugs such as Trenbolone and Boldenone.

Anavar and Winstrol is a good combination to supplement with Masteron
Anavar and Winstrol is a good combination to supplement with Masteron

Side effects

The pronounced fat burning property due to the low anabolic index has a negative side. It manifests itself in an increased risk of androgenic reaction.

The following side effects may accompany Masteron:

  • Increased hair loss;
  • Prostate hypertrophy;
  • High level of aggression;
  • Acne;
  • Virilization.

Steroid has a minimal toxic effect on the liver, does not retain fluid in the body, does not cause a rise in blood pressure.

Masteron Reviews

An excellent characteristic of the drug is the prevalence of androgenic over anabolic activity. Bodybuilders, as a rule, especially appreciate the fat burning effect of a steroid. The action enhances the use of drugs that compensate for androgenic effects. Thus, it turns out that the greatest mass loss brings a combined reception. Solo cycles, if you exceed the recommended dosage, are most likely to have negative side effects. Women are not recommended to take the drug, because the risks of virilization are high. For men, the steroid helps make the muscles more prominent, firmer and more pronounced.