Drostanol Propionate – instructions on how to accept

The effects of Masteron and features of the course

The active chemical substance: drostanolone dipropionate (drostanolone dipropionate)

Manufacturer: Lyka Labs

Concentration: 100 mg / ml.

Price per 1 bottle

Bottle 10ml, 1ml / 100mg

As it is similar to the effects of DHT – a derivative of the male hormone. This explains the high androgen index and a moderate anabolic. In general, safe masteron be called testosterone.

This form is represented Masteron popular Indian brand – Lyka Labs. The active ingredient is drostanolone dipropionate – a bit improved version of the familiar propionate (short-ether). In contrast, the dipropionate completely resistant to conversion to female hormones, so that can be successfully used for burning fat and gaining muscle relief. Its use is justified for drying and for a set of muscles, although the latter is in doubt many athletes.

The effects of Masteron and features of the course:

  • drostanolon propionateThe appearance of muscle stiffness;
  • Muscle definition;
  • Increases Strength;
  • Slow but quality muscle growth;
  • Do not collect water;
  • Do not harm the liver;
  • Do not transformed into female hormones;
  • It works as an anti-estrogen;
  • It has a slight diuretic effect and can be used for professional drying;
  • Well it inhibits catabolism, which allows muscles to maintain a strict diet.

How to take drostanolone?

As a rule, the main purpose of receiving a fat burning, muscle hardness and giving the corresponding muscle definition. For this reason, Masteron is often used by professional bodybuilders and fitness athletes of the category. In this case the scheme is applied via drostanolone 50-100 mg per day. If not more than 500 mg per week.

Solo Course Masteron will unimpressive results, so that it combines with stanozolol in the same amount. Some athletes used instead of Winstrol Primobolan, which is very similar to the effect of drostanolone dipropionate. It all depends on the individual characteristics.

If you are alone and gain muscle mass, I recommend you to buy drostanolone in combination with testosterone propionate. Masteron will work as an anti-estrogen, and thus suppress possible pobochki injection male hormone. Experienced chemists can add to this course Turinabol (40-50mg) or methane (40-50 mg) daily for characteristic anabolic background. Fallback is oxandrolone.

Professionals use a bunch: Masteron, testosterone propionate and acetate, trenbolone or boldenone. I do not advise you to copy their schemes. You can get great results, limited to the above scheme, which can be called a fairly safe.

Duration of drostanolone should be either 6-8 weeks, or 8-12. Antiestrogens on the course are not necessary, since Masteron itself refers to a group of medicines.

drostanolon propionate2Side effects Masteron

To the surprise of all drostanolone it is one of the safest injectable steroid format. Because of the lack of stress on the liver and converted to female hormones course Masteron deprived of virtually all serious pobochek such as gynecomastia, the pressure drops, the growth of androgen receptors and more.

The only disadvantage of Masteron can be called high androgenic activity that contributes to acne, baldness on the head and increase the vegetation on the body, but it appears only at higher doses. The main thing – to do the right post-cycle therapy, as all steroids with androgenic effect of suppressing its own testosterone.

FCT after a course of Masteron

In the last weeks of the course start using gonadotropin to stimulate the synthesis of male hormones. Antiestrogens in most cases do not apply, since to date the level of female hormones drostanolola not really jump, but I still recommend you buy Clomid or Tamoxifen in case. Spare, they will never, as well as anastrozole.

Proviron® better not to use because of its androgenic activity, which, without the application of enough Masteron, particularly in the amount of testosterone.