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Masteron is a trademark of drostanolone, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone.What is masteron price? This is a fairly universal anabolic steroid, consisting of two ethers – propionate and enanthate. Extremely expedient preparation for increasing strength without gaining non-functional mass and anti-catabolic on cutting by bodybuilders. It can be used together with other drugs and create an anabolic combination to gain muscle mass. Well to put it, he is the “light” version of testosterone.

From positive: there is no aromatization when testosterone is converted into estrogen. That is why it is so loved to use on the cutting and in the precompetitive period. It allows you to train productively, maintaining muscle mass and physical performance. In conditions of low-carb diets or in heavy training cycles, Masteron price is included to maintain the functionality of the body.

Mastebolin is Masteron by Alpha Pharma
Mastebolin is Masteron by Alpha Pharma

Masteron Effects

  • Increase in power indicators.
  • Increase in lean muscle mass.
  • Fat burning effect.
  • Feeling of stiffness, elasticity and fullness of muscles.
  • Carved relief.
  • Enhance mood and drive life.
  • Removes tired feeling.
  • Increase endurance without gaining non-functional weight.
  • Suppression of the catabolic hormone cortisol.
  • The admission to high-intensity trainings taking into account limited caloric content without loss of endurance and muscles.

Masteron price

Masteron by Dragon Pharma
Masteron by Dragon Pharma

Masteron is considered to be an expensive drug, but, nevertheless, is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes who need high and quality indicators. There is an opinion that Masteron’s price-quality indicator is optimal, since with slow weight gain, a rapid increase in muscle mass occurs.

One of the branches of Balkan Pharmaceuticals Corporation is the company SP Laboratories, which is the manufacturer of Masteron 10 ml, has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality products for a reasonable masteron price.

Also Masteron by Dragon Pharma and Mastebolin by Alpha Pharma are good steroids with reliable Masteron price.

Now there are many online stores where you can buy masteron.

Dosage and example of Masteron’s cutting cycle

  • The standard dosage is considered to be 400-500 mg per week.
  • Injection frequency – every other day.

On cutting, Masteron is often combined with Winstrol and oxandrolone. Masteron + Stanover + trenbolone will be an excellent fat burning ligament. Drostanolone is widely advocated for cutting, but in fact the drug is universal. You can also use it to create amazing anabolic combinations, which as a result lead to a set of quality meat. An excellent pair-pair for the set will be “Masteron” and testosterone propionate. Also, some use it instead of injectable Winstrol. But it cannot be said that these are absolutely two interchangeable preparations due to the difference in their chemical structure.

Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) 10ml
Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) 10ml

An example of a mass cycle for a beginner with a duration of 6-8 weeks

Masteron: 100 mg every other day. Oxandrolone: 40 mg per day. To increase the effectiveness, you can add “Methandrostenolone.” In this case, there will be an increase in mass and strength.

Weeks Dosage PCT – Clomid
1 100 mg every other day
2 100 mg every other day
3 100 mg every other day
4 100 mg every other day
5 100 mg every other day
6-8 100 mg every other day
9   50 mg / day
10   50 mg / day
11   25 mg / day