Continuing the theme of “soft” pharmaceuticals impossible without mention of such rare in our area of ​​medicines like drostanolone propionate. Like many other exotic types of steroids boldenone, Masteron very popular in the West and almost unknown in Russia. And abroad love to this drug can boast not only bodybuilders but also representatives of other sporting disciplines in which strength, speed and endurance to progress without any changes in body weight, and this progress should not be overshadowed by the positive sample during a doping – test . Masteron can be found in the arsenal of professional swimmers, runners, baseball players, weight lifters, rowers and soldiers. On what is contained in the exceptional quality of Masteron chemical enthrall such a huge number of professional athletes, I’ll discuss in this article.


Masteron – injectable steroid containing propionate form of the active substance drostanolone. Drostanolone – derivative (derived substance) dihydrotestosterone, 2a-methyl-dihydrotestosterone. Due to the elimination of the double bond between the 4 and 5 positions, drostanolone was virtually no exposure to the effects of aromatase, and therefore – and the conversion to estradiol. Moreover, research suggests that drostanolone has sufficiently pronounced antiestrogenic activity. There is nothing strange if we remember that the drug is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, DHT and directly reduces the activity of estrogen in tissues (estrogens are connected to the corresponding receptors but do not activate them). Masteron – moderate androgen with strong anabolic properties.

Now, especially for those who are poorly versed in organic chemistry and pharmacology, will try to translate all of the above to the public Slavic dialect … Drostanolone propionate can be called “safe” (weak!) Form of testosterone, which lacks many of the shortcomings of the older brother of preserving some of the benefits of androgen.

Course Masteron very similar in performance to the beloved testosterone.

Already after a few shots of the course Masteron user definitely feel a pronounced anabolic effect, an increase in muscle mass. Drostanolone, as well as testosterone, affects the nervous system, removing the feeling of fatigue and raising the overall tone and mood, “fighting spirit.” Course Masteron unlike dough is not universal, underlying steroid. This highly specialized drug, designed to address specific and highly repetitive tasks.

As a result of the fact that drostanolone propionate does not aromatize in any dosage practically not converted into estrogen, it does not replace in precompetitive preparation bodybuilders. The last 3 – 4 weeks before the “Start” are the most important – in this period, the athlete carries his carcass to the condition (the final stage of drying occurs with carbohydrate-free / low-carb diets, there is work on the “weak” in some places and the final adjustment of the figures). Masteron testosterone, neither any other pharmaceutical preparation, allows in the shortest possible time and with maximum effect make eyeliner to compete and be well prepared to enter the scene.

Masteron testosterone can attach muscles hard, “filled with” elastic, firm, and the completed form of the maximum sharpness of the outlines; It emphasizes the strengths of the athlete, masks weaknesses. The skin becomes thin, the veins show through, separation of the dried meat reaches an ideal state, even whipped buttocks. Naturally, drostanolone can not provide this result alone, so it is usually used in various combinations with other speakers.

And of course, for the best possible reception Masteron testosterone is accompanied by severe carbohydrate-free diet for the body and the use of different fat burners (maple, eka, thyroid hormones, etc.), all this with the negative influences on the health of the athlete and very often provoke “collapse” muscle.

drostanoloneDrostanolone propionate can train with such extreme conditions without significant loss of mass and endurance, helps to maintain a high intensity training with the possibility of lowering caloric diet to critical values.

This moderate androgen provides the necessary drive in the final weeks of preparation for the competition, prevents unplanned loss of meat during a “carbohydrate-free wells,” it struggles with a giant content catabolic hormone cortisol in the blood of dehydrated pitching, etc., etc.

The second main subsistence use Masteron solo – various sports disciplines, active hobby that is not possible without the constant doping – test competitions. Since drostanolone fairly quickly excreted from the body, and the detection of metabolites in the urine is extremely difficult, this “safe testosterone” is ideal for professional athletes.

The proof of this thesis is the fact that over the past two decades, athletes found guilty of using the banned derivative DHT, can be counted on the fingers, but is safe to say that during this long period, many records have fallen without the involvement of Masteron.

But athletes use drostanolone propionate must not forget that doping detection methods are constantly being improved and the reception of the prohibited medication should be stopped at least six weeks before a doping – test.

Masteron solo is suitable not only athletes who deliberately move toward competitive feats and make a career, this exotic steroid suitable athletes of all levels, even those who are engaged in “for themselves.” There are three reasons why I often recommend pitching – fans include in their courses Masteron:

  1. Masteron, however strange it may sound, is an excellent massonabornikom if stabbing him in the mill with testosterone. Drostanolone, together with the test while working on weight have a synergistic effect and help build the body, picking up the meat quality without excessive water (if the correctness of the diet).
  1. Drostanolone Propionate – it is safe and effective analogue of the injectable Winstrol. Many pitching – fitnesisty all year concerned another problem: a set of “dry” meat with the constant support of his “ideal” figure in proper form. This objective dictates certain rules to be followed by an adept of Greek beauty standards: proper diet, training program correctly made and properly selected pharmaceuticals.

And, as usually happens in him.arsenal fitnesistov, along with various non-aromatizing AU gets stanazolola and injectable form. Few people know that stanazolol is potentially dangerous steroid and often causes the user a lot of health problems caused by high levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, a global “dehydration” ligaments and joints. Easy replacement of the course Winstrol on a solo Masteron can correct the situation and make the steroid “compote” safer because drostanolone does not have the disadvantages inherent stanazololu.

  1. Masteron may be called alternate drug for athletes with an average duration and the “gravity” of chemical experience (experience). If you are behind already have two or three years of study applied chemistry, you have time to try the many available in the Russian Federation steroids, your body has developed a tolerance to it and does not react, even at the constant improvement of working dosages, so it’s time to buy Masteron … This weak androgen It helps the body recover from the temporary effect of habituation to the AU and will allow you to continue improving your body and spirit in the gym.

drostanolon propThe use and combination of:

Operating (permissible) doses ranged from 200mg to 600mg per week, although in some cases experienced chemists can afford to achieve certain goals to pour a 1d a week or more. Masteron can not be considered completely safe drug. In contrast, for example, prima drostanolone propionate has a number of unpleasant androgenic pobochek, which we’ll talk later.

In compiling him.kursa must take into account these side effects and try to stick to a reasonable dosage of workers.

Like all propionate, the period of “half-life” Masteron is 2-3 days. Usually this medication is used in dosages of 100 mg a day, although you can set and every day, it all depends on the concentration of the active substance in a particular masteronovom product and on the individual user.

There are many different options for combinations with other androgens drostanolone and the AU. Different sports have their own canons preparation courses, as well as a strictly regulated thresholds weekly dose. Below I provide some sample courses and options drostanolone combination with other steroids.

  1. Budget option: masteron 50 – 100 mg a day of methane + 30 – 40 mg per day, time course of 6 – 7 weeks. This course can be recommended for beginners or experienced chemists with a small reception pharmaceuticals. The course can be described as massonaborny and power.
  1. Course for Beginners – oligarch: Masteron is 50 – 100 mg every other day plus oxandrolone 30 – 40 mg per day, the timing of the course 6 – 8 weeks. It is an effective option with a complete lack pobochek. The only negative – too weak “compote” turns out to experience this combination can only pristine body.
  1. Option for Apollo and fitnesistov narcissism in the soul: Masteron 100mg every other day + propionate 100mg by day + Turinabol 40mg a day, the timing of the course 6 – 8 weeks. The purpose of the course – build muscle mass of good quality without excessive water. The cost of the course is not that high. Apart from the quality of meat on this course can be a good idea to raise the performance and power, throwing on post operational approach 10 – 20kg.
  1. A combination of clear and harsh boys pros accustomed to risk: 200mg – 400mg per week + trenatsetata Masteron 50mg – 100mg a day + stanaza 50mg a day, the timing of the course 6 – 7 weeks. The course for over a dry weight basis, almost predsorevnovatelny option. With proper low-carb diet will increase by 2 – 4 kg of skim fillets. But it is quite – still dangerous, “compote”, because you can “catch sluggish” right on course and then a very long time to recover their functions after the abolition of man’s medicine. Trenbolone – progestin, which in tamperproof can hurt. Admission stanazolola is justified, and not only because the speaker is good “dries and relief”, but also for the reason that the camp to some extent reduces the level of progesterone, albeit slightly.
  1. Massonaborny course without bombing liver oral drugs: 500mg – 750mg of testosterone enanthate per week + Masteron 300 mg – 400 mg per week, the timing of the course of 10 weeks, the last two weeks of the course access to propionate 100mg by day + 50mg Masteron a day.
  1. Option for raznezhennyh organisms Masteron solo 50mg a day, the timing of the course of 6 weeks. This course is well suited careful dryscham and latent turnikmenam, nazhelayuschim ruin their health poisonous methane and explosive test. The exhaust from such a regimen Masteron will be small, but for inexperienced chemists, whose weight does not exceed the 65-kg, will be just right!

Side effects:

As mentioned above, drostanolone propionate has mild anabolic properties, which is why there is a fairly high probability that during the course of any androgennobuslovlennye pobochki acne, baldness, prostatic hypertrophy. However, these side effects are very rare, only at inflated weekly doses and over long-term use of the drug.

Masteron does not cause side effects such as fluid retention, the rise in blood pressure and has a low toxicity to the liver. It does not provoke the emergence of problems with the joints and ligaments, which is typical when using Winstrol; drostanolone never leads to poor performance cholesterol.

As with all steroids, Masteron has a negative effect on the arc “hypothalamus – pituitary – testes.” As a result, long-term use of moderate androgen suppression of gonadotropins occurs and endogenous testosterone, so after the abolition of Masteron is mandatory to carry out a full post-cycle therapy to restore hormonal levels.


In general, we can say that Masteron along with those pharmaceuticals that are now filled with the black market of the Russian Federation, is the most preferable in terms of safety and efficacy. Its use in sports practice is appropriate and promising, drostanolone propionate is ideally suited to athletes at any level. In short, all is well in this preparation, all this steroid perfectly … All but two important aspects: the high price of masteronosoderzhaschuyu products and the presence of a huge number of suppliers of fakes.

On average, one die Masteron, which contains 100mg of the active ingredient, will cost you $ 6.5. As for the second point, Masteron is currently produced exclusively underground companies, so the quality of the product in question. From my own experience, I have confidence in cause only two producers – Farmakom and SP Laboratories, which issue drostanolone 10ml vials at a concentration of 100 mg to 1 ml.